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New South Wales needs Gas.

NSW residents are right to be concerned about gas price rises as highlighted by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal recently. One third of eastern Australia’s natural gas supply already comes from coal seams and 95 per cent of NSW’s gas supply comes from other states.

Yet the state’s 1.2 million gas customers, both households and businesses, are faced with the potential impost of rising electricity prices as long term gas supply contracts are due to start expiring from 2014. NSW has an abundant supply of natural gas that can be developed safely from coal seams. While anti-CSG activists continue to take great delight in the demise of family jobs and investment, development of an affordable, safe and secure gas supply remains under threat.

More information coming soon. Take a look at our Interactive Map to see a comparison of the benefits of natural coal seam gas and compare Queenland with New South Wales. 


Wells in NSW

New South Wales well count

Number added in 4th quarter 2012

 Total at

 31 Dec 2012

Exploration/pilot/appraisal wells



Production wells



Remediated wells



Total active wells



NSW well stimulation  Number in 4th quarter 2012 Cumulative from 1 Jan 2011
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