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We Want Natural CSG - Queensland

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We Want Natural CSG - Queensland

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We want Natural CSG - Camden

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We want Natural CSG - Gloucester

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We want Natural CSG - Richmond River

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We want Natural CSG - Couier Mail 03-09-2011

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Greens and Lock the Gate must denounce dangerous protest activity

Statement by the Minerals Council of Australia and the Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association Australia’s resources industry is calling on The Greens and the Lock the Gate Alliance to denounce civil disobedience action at work sites across the country before someone is seriously injured. The APPEA and MCA recognise there…

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History and research show gas operations are safe

By PAUL FENNELLY Efforts to demonise the natural gas industry via a travelling road show imported from the United States trot out tired old arguments designed to scare rather than inform (CSG industry solution to underground pollution is to bury the truth SMH and The Age 28/02/2104). It’s instructive The…

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NSW needs more natural gas

By MARTIN FERGUSON If ever there was a stark warning about the need for NSW to develop its natural gas resources, it was delivered this week in the form of a thumping 20 per cent annual increase in gas bills. Reports that the annual gas bill for Sydney-siders will rise by…

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NSW needs more gas, not more regulation

Reports that NSW energy costs are set to jump by up to 20 per cent should bring home to the State’s 1.3 million gas customers the very serious consequences posed by the CSG fear agenda of the Greens and other anti-fossil fuel groups. While South Australia, Queensland, and Victoria possess strong…

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Queensland farmers give gas company a big tick

By PAUL FENNELLY Further evidence Queensland farmers and the gas industry are working side by side has been highlighted by the results of a recent Nielsen survey. Nielsen, a leading independent consultancy which specialises in measurement and information, conducted the survey to garner feedback from landholders with properties in Santos GLNG’s…

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Gas industry and supporters come to Canberra

By MICHAEL BRADLEY As part of the Our Natural Advantage campaign, on 10 December APPEA coordinated a delegation of more than 50 company staff and industry supporters to Parliament House in Canberra. This group included staff from 13 APPEA member companies, as well as independent landholders, small businesses, and industry suppliers.…

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The Victorian Government has launched its multi-million dollar water benchmarking study to be conducted in conjunction with Geoscience Australia. Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt and Victorian Water Minister Peter Walsh announced the first phase of the study would involve a $1.5 million investment in the compilation and verification of existing data…

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The Victorian Government has effectively deferred decisions on the future of onshore gas production until mid-2015 at the earliest. It has effectively ignored recommendations made by the Gas Market Taskforce and overlooked the mounting gas crisis in Australia’s eastern states. On the day it publicly released the Taskforce report, Premier Denis…

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Business, industry and even another state government has criticised Victoria’s decision to postpone a ruling on onshore gas development until well after the 2014 state elections.  Business Council of Australia Chief Executive Jennifer Westacott released a statement saying it was disappointing the Victorian Government had ignored the advice of its Gas…

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A report handed to the Victorian Government by the Gas Market Taskforce calls for immediate action to address east coast market demand. The report highlights potential for significant gas price rises for retail customers. In fact, the Grattan Institute estimates that Victorian customers are likely to experience the largest gas price…

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